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Legal Services

at their best

We help with Antenuptial Agreements, Last Will & Testaments, Personal Injury Claim, Administration of Estates and more.

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We specialise

in the field of Labour Law

Rest assured that we will be able to assist you in any matter relating to labour issues.

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Need help

in selling or buying a property?

We are conveyance attorneys that deal with property developments, sales and financing.


We manage numerous Trusts on behalf of those clients less fortunate than ourselves, those who do not have 'legal standing' to handle their own affairs.

Where necessary we undertake the High Court application in order to be appointed as the curator bonis for such clients.

In cases such as this we administer the client's funds, but each decision taken and each payment made are subject to the scrutiny and approval of the office of the Master of the High Court.

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